Minoa Gloss Crystal Effect


MINOA GLOSS PROTEINS Has been developed with the latest technological advances in the formulation of cosmetic hair care products and combined with high performance hair volume reduction, providing incredible nutrition and softness to the hair. Its organic formula can be used even on the most fragile locks thanks to the anti-frizz action associated with Nanoplex technology and biodegradable active ingredients from Amazon, such as Brazil nut oil, argan oil, buriti oil. of coconut.

BRAZIL NUT OIL: A nourishing oil, it protects the hair from dehydration thanks to the combined action of oleic acid, phospholipids and squalene. It brings suppleness and softness to the hair. Protective and soothing through the combined action of vitamin E and phytosterols. Penetrating oil, it does not leave a greasy film on the hair.

ARGAN OIL: Argan oil makes hair softer and shinier. It is ideal especially for avoiding split ends. Argan oil is often used for hairstyles because it tames and smoothes hair, while giving it a healthy shine. BURITI OIL Used as a hair beauty ingredient, Buriti vegetable oil is recognized for these properties: Prevents hair dehydration. Revitalizes and restores shine and vigor to damaged hair. Protects hair colors and prolongs their shine., strengthens and restores shine to colored, devitalized, dry and/or sun-exposed hair.

COCONUT OIL Rich in hialuronic acid, it helps protect your hair on a daily basis. This magical oil also promotes rapid growth and repairs dry, tired hair. Ideal for dry hair and frizzy hair. It will restore all its shine and vigor. 100% smooth.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Brush the hair, wash it and do 2 clarifying shampoos or a neutral shampoo (sulfate-free) dry the hair to 70%, make separations at your convenience and apply the product strand by strand leave the product on for 30 to 45 min for blondes and highlighted hair at 1 hour for colored and natural hair rinse the hair between 90 and 100% just with water dry the hair to 100% do between 25 to 30 times the passage of the plates by strands NB: It It is important for people with bleached, blonde, highlighted hair, etc. to always do a test on a strand below. Temperature to respect: Between 180 to 190° degrees for bleached and sensitized hair. Between 210 and 230° for normal, colored, highlighted and resistant hair. 230° for natural hair NB: We accentuate the passage of the plates at the roots and less on the ends in order to avoid drying out the hair.